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At CES 2024, FULSOLEN Shows What Consumers Should Now Expect From Power Stations and EV Chargers

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With great enthusiasm, the company showed off its new refurbished products among which stand out the FULSOLEN T4 portable power station, the AC01 wall-mounted EV charger and the G5000 hybrid energy storage system. Let's get to know them better.


CES 2024 is one of the largest technology industry trade shows in the world. It is held annually in Las Vegas, and is an event of great importance for the sector.

At this very important event, FULSOLEN certainly could not be missing, a company that provides charging solutions for electric vehicles (EV) and portable energy stations. The team specializes in the production of electric vehicle chargers, portable power stations and solutions for home, recreational vehicle (RV) and outdoor charging.

The FULSOLEN T4 portable power station, which offers large power storage capacity and several advanced features. This device features a large power storage capacity, allowing it to power numerous electronic devices. With an output of up to 16 ports, it offers the ability to simultaneously connect and charge multiple devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops and more. One of the distinctive features of the FULSOLEN T4 is the ability to stack up to 2 units, connecting two additional battery packs, to maximize the available energy capacity. This allows you to reach a capacity of up to 36,000 Wh, guaranteeing ample energy autonomy.

The AC01 is a wall-mounted EV charger designed for charging electric vehicles. It comes with several specifications and features that make it a reliable and efficient device. The charger is designed to operate with an input voltage of 240V and an output current of 50A, allowing for fast and efficient charging of the vehicle. It uses a natural cooling method, ensuring effective heat dissipation during the charging process. The AC01 features a connector lifecycle of 10,000 no-load insertion/removal events, ensuring extended device life. It also features an LED indicator with red, green and blue color options to signal charging status. As for communication, the charger supports several options, including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LAN and 4G. It is compatible with Android and iOS devices via a dedicated app.

The G5000 Inverter Hybrid Energy Storage System is a product designed to provide efficient management of electrical energy. Its main specifications and features make it a reliable and versatile solution. The system has a maximum efficiency of 97.8%, ensuring optimal conversion of electrical energy. It uses MPPT self-learning technology to optimize energy production from solar panels, allowing you to make the most of solar generation.

For more information on the products of the FULSOLEN, visit the official website.

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Original Source: At CES 2024, FULSOLEN Shows What Consumers Should Now Expect From Power Stations and EV Chargers
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