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DAJA Announces Launch of DAJA-P1 – 100W Desktop Fume Extractor for All Laser Engravers

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NEW YORK - August 8, 2022 - (

Today DAJA, an industry leader in the manufacture of laser engravers and intelligent electronics, announced the launch of DAJA-P1 - 100W Desktop Fume Extractor for All Laser Engravers. Designed as the perfect desktop solution to fume extraction, DAJA-P1 works with any laser engraver to provide a safe, fume-free engraving experience. DAJA-P1 is available now. For more information, visit their Kickstarter campaign here:

DAJA-P1 is an advanced fume extraction system that includes a powerful fan, 5625cm² folding cover, and three-layer filter that effectively eliminates smoke, particulates and unpleasant odors from the laser engraving process. Made specifically for desktop laser engravers, it addresses the most common complaint from users - the fact that laser engraving produces harmful fumes. The DAJA-P1 is equipped with a centrifugal brushless vortex fan with up to 100W of power that provides 3.9m³/min airflow, to capture all the smoke and harmful gases produced during engraving and provides a clean, safe, and fresh creative space.

"The laser engraving process was previously confined to labs, production facilities, and specialized locations. With the advent of desktop laser engravers, the process can now be done anywhere, even in the home, making it an essential tool for artists, hobbyists, and makers. However, the process can create harmful fumes and unpleasant odors. There is also the danger that blue light lasers pose to the eyes. Our goal with the DAJA-P1 was to address these issues with an affordable accessory that makes laser engraving safer for people while improving the working environment. No matter which desktop laser engraver you choose, adding the DAJA-P1 system instantly upgrades the process with eye protection, fume extraction, and odor elimination for a healthier, more enjoyable way to maximize your creativity." - DAJA CEO Jason Pei

DAJA-P1 is available in two sizes of fan with a folding cover, thereby providing the perfect level of extracting power for any application or workspace. Equipped with a three-layer replaceable filter system with layers of foam, cotton, and activated charcoal, DAJA-P1 effectively absorbs smoke and particulates from PM0.5 to PM50, for clean, healthy air. To optimize effectiveness, a self-supporting Telescopic All-Directional Fume Tube can be stretched and shaped as necessary to perfectly fit the work areas, and the system includes integrated LED lights to illuminate your working environment while extracting harmful fumes. In addition to total fume elimination, the included folding cover creates a working envelope for the laser engraver and protects the eyes from semiconductor blue lasers.

DAJA-P1 - 100W Desktop Fume Extractor for All Laser Engravers is a powerful accessory that instantly improves the laser engraving experience for a better working environment with improved safety for healthy use. Combined with the foldable cover, it provides the safest and most user-friendly environment for desktop laser engraving. This essential new tool for makers is available now on Kickstarter with special deals and discounts for early adopters. Learn more here:

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