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First Version of the DoCast Mirroring and Streaming Solution for iOS Released by Electronic Team

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DoCast is an app which allows iOS devices to mirror their screen and stream videos and photos via Chromecast, as an alternative to AirPlay. DoCast was developed by Electronic Team, an experienced, software-focused US company, and has now been revealed to the public.

DoCast App by Electronic Team

The logo of DoCast app

The Electronic Team company has announced the release of DoCast - a casting and mirroring application for iOS. DoCast is compatible with Chromecast devices and TVs that integrate Chromecast technology.

When mirroring, DoCast provides settings to adjust video quality, toggle sound, or enable and disable screen auto-rotation. The free version of DoCast does not restrict the settings, and can mirror with the highest quality level and sound. Mirroring delay is lower than one second with a sufficiently good WiFi connection. The application can also cast videos and photos. It uses a built-in gallery to browse local files, where the user is able to select them.

DoCast requires the iOS and Chromecast devices to be connected to the same WiFi network in order to work. It is compatible with the entire Chromecast device line, including Chromecast Ultra. TVs with Google Cast or Chromecast built-in, which include Sony and Vizio sets, can also be connected.

There is a Premium Upgrade, which can be bought permanently, or subscribed to with the monthly or yearly plan. The Premium Upgrades can be accessed as in-app purchases. DoCast is free to use by default, and upgrading unlocks the viewing limits and all current or future features. The free version limits mirroring sessions to 15 minutes and video streaming sessions to three minutes, but photo casting is unlimited. A free two-week trial of the yearly plan can be started, which will remove the time limits and includes a free gift (the gift is also available with the lifetime purchase).

DoCast has already been made available for download on its App Store page. It can be installed on iPhones and iPads. More information is provided on the app's website:

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Original Source: First Version of the DoCast Mirroring and Streaming Solution for iOS Released by Electronic Team
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