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Flux Set to Deploy Project Mayhem: Security in AI With Proof of Useful Work

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Flux is set to unveil a new project on its infrastructure that will ensure AI has a truth model to balance the explosive growth. Welcome to "Project Mayhem".

InFlux Technologies announced Flux, a prominent provider of decentralized cloud services, has recently unveiled the upcoming release of "Project Mayhem". It is no longer news that the rapid breakthroughs in artificial intelligence are redefining the world as we know it. AI offers faster access to information and a more robust problem-solving approach, among other perks. First, it was ChatGpt, in all its glory, solving college work in seconds, writing code for multi-tasking developers, and even creating business growth templates for marketers. Not willing to be beaten by OpenAI, other hard hitters joined the AI race, Google released Bard, and Microsoft released BingAI, all with exciting possibilities. Mayhem will be an open-source application that runs on Flux's decentralized network, open source, and allows people and organizations to detect AI-generated content such as deep fakes, content creation, and any AI output.

The Big Bane of Generative A.I.

Deepfakes are synthetic media that have been digitally manipulated to replace another person's likeness (in appearance, speech, etc.). The name initially had its roots in the underlying technology; deep learning. However, while deepfakes are relatively recent, the massive sophistication of artificial intelligence has now made it a legitimate concern.

In 2019, the CEO of a UK-based energy firm lost about €220,000 to a deep fake call that impersonated his boss. Even more recently, last month, an AI-generated track with Drake and Weeknd voice deep fakes had to be taken down across streaming platforms. By the time that would happen, however, the music had already amassed over 8.5 million views from fans of both artists. This ushered in fresh concerns about content infringement.

Research is another area where it is essential to protect content integrity. Artificial intelligence could presumably be used to make the process of citing articles relevant to the topic of interest easier. However, an alarming number of ChatGPT users, for example, have highlighted the tendency of the AI chatbot to spit out 'hallucinations". These are references to articles and papers that do not exist or, in other cases, have nothing in common with the topic of focus. Admittedly, there were other times when the AI got it all lined up. But how exactly do you know when your trusted AI partner has suddenly gone 'rogue'?

Generative AI comes with the potential for copyright and legal issues. The data source of generated AI content might be unknown, leading to the infringement of intellectual property with severe legal implications. Also, there is the question of the potential for the explosion of fake news on the web. These, coupled with the concerns over data privacy and governance, have necessitated a means to accurately detect AI generative content and distinguish it from authentic information sources. 

Solving this will go a long way to pave new ways for addressing hoaxes on the web and also nip criminal activities in the bud. As the world transitions into what may ultimately be the 'golden age of AI", Flux offers a new way to differentiate the authentic from the synthetic.

Welcome to Project Mayhem

Project Mayhem is a generative AI detector that runs on Flux's fully decentralized infrastructure. It is designed to evaluate and identify if the data files provided are original or AI-generated content, thus, helping to differentiate deep fake media from accurate data. With Project Mayhem, Flux sets the bar by becoming the first cloud infrastructure provider to provide AI systems with much-needed infrastructure (GPUs) while also developing a tool to mitigate the exploitation of this technology by malicious actors.

"Project Mayhem will usher in the first of its kind to ensure the balance between AI and truth models. Decentralized, scalable, and open source will ensure we are pushing the boundaries with AI, but also ensuring we have a ying to its yang," Daniel Keller, Co-Founder of Flux and CEO of InFlux Technologies. "There are many challenges around the acceptance of developed AI, with Mayhem; there is a way to allow this aggressive growth to be leveraged and paced correctly," Daniel continued.

Flux continues to build and innovate for the future, providing infrastructure to power the new age of AI and adjust to the challenges.

For more information on Flux, please join our Discord and check our official website. Visit our marketplace to easily host and run front-ends, nodes, block books, crypto projects, and games with just a few clicks. 

Flux is redefining the future of the decentralized internet by bridging the tech barrier and allowing end-users to interact easier with the Web3 ecosystem. We are innovating to power the free web smarter, better, and at affordable prices.

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