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Introducing the Energy Savings Hub

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The Department of Energy recently launched its Energy Savings Hub, a one-stop shop for consumers to learn how they can take advantage of energy efficient technologies while also lowering their energy costs and saving money.  

President Joe Biden is committed to intentionally and sustainably building America’s clean energy economy. That means empowering everyday citizens to make the energy choices that best suit them, their families, and their businesses. With the help of the Energy Savings Hub, making clean energy switches is more affordable and easier than ever.  

Here are the top things to know about this energy savings tool: 

1. The Energy Savings Hub is designed for all Americans.  

Lowering energy costs and keeping money in your pockets is something that concerns all Americans. Whether you are a homeowner or renter, the Energy Savings Hub has resources for you to save money and increase your home’s energy efficiency. The Hub’s toolkit can help you take the best care of your home and maximize your energy use.

2. Learning about Electric Vehicle ownership is easier than ever. 

Not only do electric vehicles (EVs) make use of cutting-edge technology, they also actively minimize our environmental impact. President Biden wants to make EVs more accessible to Americans through offering tax incentives for their purchase and constructing a nationwide network of EV chargers. Current and prospective EV owners can use the Hub to learn how these vehicles can save them money. 

3. The Energy Savings Hub puts energy tax credits and rebates at your fingertips.   

Are you wondering if you’re eligible for a tax credit for installing new clean energy technology in your home? Look no further – the Energy Savings Hub has all the information to help you discover how you can save money just for being more energy efficient.

4. You can now browse through different clean energy technology options to find your best fit. 

Another important feature of the Energy Savings Hub is our catalogue of different appliances, electric vehicles and home improvement measures. Each of these will increase your energy efficiency at an affordable cost. Click through different options to learn about them and see how they can help you save.

5. Sparky is your new best friend when it comes to clean energy. 

Sparky is a consumer’s best friend! He can help you learn about emerging clean energy technologies that can better your home. Browse through our curated playlist to meet Sparky and dive deeper into new clean energy technology.  

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