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Lane’s Integrated Fax Messaging Solution Now Available in Epic Connection Hub

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A leading healthcare platform is now offering Lane's integrated fax messaging solution within clinical settings.

Lane, a dedicated provider of integrated fax messaging solutions for a wide range of industries, has announced the successful integration with Epic's new Connection Hub (formerly App Orchard). This marks a significant milestone for Lane, as it allows it to provide a new level of service to customers in clinical settings. 

The Connection Hub serves as a centralized location where Epic users can search and integrate with approved third-party products and services. Through this platform, users have access to powerful applications that streamline clinical data communication. 

"Our entrance into the Connection Hub signifies the progress we've made in providing a comprehensive fax messaging solution to the healthcare industry," states CEO of Lane, Liz Maya. "With this new integration, we can now provide our customer base with more flexible solutions tailored to their specific organizational needs."

With the addition of Lane's technology in the Connection Hub comes seamless integration capabilities with Epic. Now, if a facility migrates from any EHR or LIS software to Epic, they are still able to integrate seamlessly with Lane's Passport application. 

In addition to its availability in the Connection Hub, Lane's integration will allow enterprise customers to utilize their fax messaging solution to integrate with their printing services directly. This integration will not only help save time and resources but also offer access to features not available with competing solutions. 

Clinical laboratories stand to gain tremendous advantage with Lane's new integration, as its audit and diagnostic logs allow for improved visibility in clinical operations. Furthermore, customers have access to customized software that is compatible with other systems, as well as unparalleled customer support. 

You can find our app on the Downloads page (accessible to EPIC customers only) and search for the Lane app using our client ID:

• Non-Production Client ID: 340f2ee2-f71d-4722-83f0-1483a20fdf94

• Production Client ID: 9c60d455-a624-4149-a874-8bd07014e84f

About EPIC

Epic is a trademark of Epic Systems Corporation and serves as a cornerstone of the healthcare industry, providing Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems to various healthcare facilities and organizations worldwide. In addition to its position as a leading provider of EHR systems, Epic offers solutions to simplify the patient care experience and streamline operations. With over 40 years in operation, countless healthcare organizations rely on Epic's technology to continue rendering excellent patient care. For more information on Epic, please visit or call at (608) 271-9000.

About Lane

Lane is recognized globally as a leader in secure messaging communications and fax integration across a wide range of industries. Lane aims to exceed expectations by applying robust and tailored solutions that yield tangible results for their clients. With a strong track record of implementing systems across 50 countries, Lane's team possesses extensive knowledge and experience in developing solutions from the largest financial institutions to healthcare companies, as well as other public and private enterprises. For more information, visit, call us at +1 (973) 526-2979, or email us at [email protected].

Original Source: Lane's Integrated Fax Messaging Solution Now Available in Epic Connection Hub
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