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MACE Virtual Labs Partners With Looking Glass XR to Optimize Storage of Shared VR Equipment

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Looking Glass XR builds solutions that efficiently store and sanitize shared VR equipment, protecting users from pathogens

MACE Virtual Labs, a turnkey provider of virtual and augmented reality programs, has partnered with Looking Glass XR, a leader in VR storage and sanitization. This partnership offers MACE clients greater protection from pathogens, as well as optimized organization for XR equipment. 

When used in settings like businesses or conventions, shared XR hardware comes with the risk of cross-contamination. Gloves, headsets, and other XR devices require comprehensive disinfection to ensure safe, continued usage of equipment that comes into contact with multiple people per day. Looking Glass XR, with its LGXR PowerCart™, provides XR storage solutions that swiftly sanitize hardware while recharging it.

"Other companies offer solutions purely for storage," said Edgar Acosta, Managing Partner of MACE Virtual Labs. "What's exciting about Looking Glass is how their storage carts not only organize but also sanitize and recharge at an affordable price point, further diversifying the MACE spectrum of offerings."

The LGXR PowerCart™ is built with a UV-C lamp that cleans and disinfects VR headsets while charging. UV-C light exposure inactivates microbes like bacteria and viruses, preventing them from reproducing and rendering them harmless. The PowerCart is compatible with a variety of VR headsets on the market.

"Looking Glass XR understands MACE's vision of creating turnkey VR solutions," said John McBride, founder and CEO of Looking Glass XR. "They have diligently curated all the ingredients that enterprises need to scale out VR, and we're excited for the XR PowerCart to be part of the program. This partnership adds one more essential tool to MACE's toolbox, augmenting their proven track record of success."

By adding Looking Glass XR to its partner portfolio, MACE now offers a wider variety of XR storage products to pair customers with the right tool for their needs and budget. Organizations looking to leverage VR and AR can now do so hygienically and efficiently, creating XR solutions that develop teams and build loyal bases of clients.

About MACE Virtual Labs

MACE Virtual Labs is a team of authoritative VR and AR experts that curate the breadth and depth of immersive technology to provide turnkey commercial solutions for customers in training, government, research, medical, and entertainment. MACE sells individual products and complete solution packages. It is the one-stop shop for commercial VR and AR solutions, from trial programs all the way up to scalable enterprise solutions. To learn more, visit

About Looking Glass XR

Looking Glass Services Inc. is a VR/AR service firm dedicated to utilizing immersive technologies to improve how businesses operate and connect with their audiences. Based in North Carolina, the company offers XR training and storage solutions. By recognizing the future of VR/AR, it provides businesses with custom, innovative experiences to transform their educational, training, marketing, and design goals. To learn more, visit  

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Edgar Acosta
Managing Partner
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Original Source: MACE Virtual Labs Partners With Looking Glass XR to Optimize Storage of Shared VR Equipment
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