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MPWH: The Original Herpes Dating Site Hits 200,000 Registered Users and Growing

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publish press release online creates deeper, meaningful connections between HSV singles through authenticity, security, and support

LOS ANGELES - August 16, 2022 - (

Since 1999, has connected hundreds of thousands of HSV singles with each other. Today, the popular service still has one of the highest member counts among similar dating websites, surpassing 201,500 members as of this publish date.

For anyone living with the stigma of herpes or cold sores, the task of finding that special someone can feel more than impossible. MPWH (which was combined into parent company SuccessfulMatch in 2018) was the first American-based company willing to provide HSV-effected people with the necessary support to combat those stigmas, and today has one of the most active, safe, and like-minded HSV-only dating communities in the world.

By focusing on privacy, authenticity, and support resources, MPWH's platform lets its members feel completely at ease about their specific situations. Profiles are 100% anonymous between new connections, and the website boasts incredibly strong privacy settings. As the connection deepens, members can give single access to images or other details about the person they are getting to know. Nothing on a person's profile is available to anyone without that member's explicit, direct consent. 

"MPWH is built from the ground up with the safety and success of every individual member," Harley at MPWH says. "For over two decades that has been the key aspect of every business decision we have made and helped us become one of the most successful herpes dating websites in use today. We grew this service around the idea of protecting and promoting our members at the same time and it has worked well for our site and the 200,000 + member community we serve."

Another core element of MPWH's service is that it is a dedicated space for people with herpes only. The result is a warm-hearted, exclusive community that is non-discriminatory, 100% like-minded, and focused solely on creating meaningful connections. Discrimination based on race, religion, sexual preference, and gender is strictly forbidden. 

The third primary facet of MPWH's service is the boundless support it provides its users via blogs. The website maintains the largest active library of herpes-related blogs, written and shared by members from around the world. Topics range from dating advice, managing symptoms, sexual health, and much more. Stories and experiences from all walks of life are shared freely, discussed deeply, and used to help lift up HSV singles

"We discovered early on that the best way to help our members form deeper connections with each other was to encourage conversations, and the blogs have been a huge tool for making conversations about living and dating with HSV a less stigmatized topic," Harley says. "Topics range across the board, however, and members celebrate and support each other profoundly through the blogs."

Those interested in learning more about MPWH should visit, create a profile, and start connecting.

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Original Source: MPWH: The Original Herpes Dating Site Hits 200,000 Registered Users and Growing
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