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“Nobody Cares About the Metaverse (Unless It’s a Game)” New Report From BlueLabel Reveals

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Out of 1008 people surveyed, 48% report using the metaverse, but it's mostly Minecraft, Fortnite, and Roblox.

NEW YORK - January 10, 2023 - (

Ignoring cues from the general population, tech evangelists have praised the benefits of "the metaverse" for one and all; however, a new study from BlueLabel shows most people don't actually care.

The study surveyed 1008 people, collecting data from those between ages 18 and 84, and revealed respondent usage among 19 of the most popular metaverses today. It also examines the motivation for using the metaverse (i.e., for enjoyment and to earn income) as well as respondent spending and earnings.

Conducted during early December 2022, reveals the following data:

  • Just over half of all respondents (52%) reported that they do not engage with the metaverse in any fashion.
  • Metaverse use is widely distributed among the 19 platforms included in the survey, with Minecraft being the most popular (17%), followed by Fortnite (10%), and Roblox (8%) decisively in 3rd place.
  • Just 1.5% of respondents reported using HorizonWorld, Meta's own metaverse platform.
  • All respondents' earnings average $1548, but the median and mode are each $0.

Follow the link here to view the complete study:

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