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Robust Intelligence Joins the Nutanix AI Partner Program to Simplify the Safety and Security of AI Applications

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Robust Intelligence, the AI application security company, today announced that it has joined the Nutanix partner program to bring businesses a single, secure solution to begin their AI transformation journey. The Robust Intelligence platform and Nutanix GPT-in-a-Box™ together will serve as a single foundation to create, validate, and protect generative AI applications with automated testing and uniquely tailored guardrails.

Despite the transformative potential of artificial intelligence, enterprises are only just beginning to embrace the technology. The novelty and complexity of AI make it uniquely different from traditional software. Many organizations are looking for a straightforward solution to help build, deploy, and secure AI applications that are truly enterprise-ready.

In August 2023, Nutanix announced their GPT-in-a-Box turnkey solution for organizations wanting to implement generative pre-trained transformer (GPT) capabilities while maintaining control over their data and applications. It offered an elegant solution to the complexity, scaling, and data security challenges that enterprises face when adopting generative AI applications.

Now, Robust Intelligence is partnering with Nutanix to ensure the safety and security of generative applications. The Robust Intelligence platform can tie to any iteration of GPT-in-a-Box, including GPT-in-a-Box 2.0, currently under development. Robust Intelligence programmatically identifies vulnerabilities of models through automated testing, then creates custom guardrails that protect against these risks in real-time. Nutanix GPT-in-a-Box customers will be able to automate their AI security posture while satisfying the requirements of engineering, security, and compliance teams.

“There are a number of complex challenges associated with developing, deploying, and protecting enterprise AI applications. We introduced the GPT-in-a-Box to provide our customers with a turnkey solution promising an easier route to generative AI adoption,” said Gregory Lehrer, Vice President, Business Development and Ecosystems at Nutanix. “By partnering with Robust Intelligence, we’re helping our customers seamlessly achieve end-to-end security coverage for AI applications and comply with all of their security and privacy requirements.”

With Robust Intelligence and GPT-in-a-Box, Nutanix customers can ensure AI is secure throughout the entire pipeline, from development to production, in just minutes.

“Nutanix is trusted by thousands of enterprises to simplify their technology infrastructure. The introduction of GPT-in-a-Box extends these benefits to help customers jumpstart AI initiatives,” explained Yaron Singer, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Robust Intelligence. “As Nutanix partners, we want to provide businesses using GPT-in-a-Box with an easy and effective solution that ensures the safety and security of AI applications built with the stack.”

More information about the Robust Intelligence platform is available on the company’s website. Existing Nutanix customers can get started with Robust Intelligence by reaching out to their Nutanix account representative.

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