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TAG Cyber: AI Will Be the End of Cybersecurity (As We Know It)

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TAG Cyber's Security Annual 2023 Q2 Edition Is Now Available for Free Download

TAG Cyber, a leading cybersecurity research and advisory firm, announced the release of its 2023 Q2 edition of the TAG Cyber Security Annual, which focuses on the theme of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The edition features an eye-opening cover statement that declares "AI will be the end of cybersecurity (as we know it)," a position taken by Dr. Edward Amoroso, the founder and CEO of TAG Cyber.

The publication's feature article, written by Dr. Amoroso, delves into the potential impact of AI on the cybersecurity landscape, highlighting how AI-driven cyberattacks and AI-assisted defensive techniques will soon become the new norm.

In addition to Dr. Amoroso's article, the TAG Cyber Security Annual's 2023 Q2 edition features several other thought-provoking pieces, including a deep-dive into a NIST framework that Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) will want to study. The edition also provides an update on the status of legislation that addresses AI dangers, along with an exploration of the challenges and opportunities of making the most of AI in smart cities and automated vehicles.

Moreover, the edition addresses the critical question of how humans will work side by side with AI in the uncertain future, exploring the challenges and opportunities of integrating AI into the workforce. The publication's contributors are seasoned industry experts who share their perspectives, expertise, and advice on the topic of AI in cybersecurity.

According to Dr. Amoroso, "AI is set to disrupt the cybersecurity industry in a big way, and organizations must be prepared to deal with the inevitable. Our 2023 Q2 edition of the TAG Cyber Security Annual provides valuable insights into how AI is changing the game for cybersecurity professionals."

The TAG Cyber Security Annual's 2023 Q2 edition is available for free download. The publication is a valuable resource for cybersecurity professionals, business executives, and policymakers seeking to stay informed about the latest trends and developments in the cybersecurity space.

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TAG Cyber is a cybersecurity research and advisory firm providing expert guidance on all things cybersecurity. With a focus on practical, actionable insights, TAG Cyber helps organizations of all sizes to protect their data and assets from cyber threats. TAG Cyber's research is widely respected and relied upon by leading companies, government agencies, and academic institutions.

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Original Source: TAG Cyber: AI Will Be the End of Cybersecurity (As We Know It)
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