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TaskRay Announces Solution Feature Updates on Salesforce AppExchange

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TaskRay provides streamlined and enhanced templates to empower customers to build, manage, update, and control their internal processes based on their unique business needs.

WESTMINSTER, Colo. - November 30, 2022 - (

Today, TaskRay announced a new update to Post-Sale Work Management on Salesforce AppExchange, equipping customers with new tools to create and optimize consistent processes with enhanced Templates, including an enhanced user experience and improved features.

Having repeatable processes is key to managing post-sale work as teams scale and customer bases grow. TaskRay enables users to more efficiently utilize the data in Salesforce to create a consistent post-sales process that drives a better customer experience. TaskRay's update to Template Hub and new Template Versioning creates consistency while developing Templates which provide a more reliable experience for users and their customers. This capability empowers Admins to build stronger processes and compare performance over time between versions.

Key enhancements in the release include:

  • Template Versioning: a brand new enhancement that gives users the ability to create new iterations of templates, track historical changes, and protect against unintentional changes, all while maintaining existing automation with new Addressable IDs.
  • Template Hub: a streamlined, one-stop-shop for Templates that enhances the user experience by displaying high-level details (such as version number, last modified date, etc.) and empowering users with a more intuitive Template Builder sporting expand/collapse and drag-and-drop features.
  • Checklist Queues: a new feature that gives users the power to assign checklist items and tasks to queues within Templates by utilizing the drag-and-drop interface.
  • Lightning Component Compatibility: a consolidation of packages gives Admins fewer managed packages to maintain and troubleshoot while also streamlining the release upgrade process.
  • Template Library Deprecation: a sunsetting of the Template Library, including the pre-built Templates (Best Practice - Customer Onboarding, SaaS - Customer Onboarding, and Wealth Management - Client Onboarding) except for any that have already been imported.
  • Enhanced Cloning: Improved performance with Enhanced Cloning to better handle projects with complex schedules and dependencies.

"Creating engaging and actionable work processes is easier than ever with the new and enhanced features that will elevate how our customers use Templates," said Bethany Thorn, VP of Product and Engineering at TaskRay. "TaskRay Templates serve as the starting point or pattern to develop processes to align team members and ensure every customer gets a consistently stellar experience."

Integrated directly with Salesforce, TaskRay is currently available on AppExchange. The new features, Template Versioning, Template Hub, and Checklist Queues, are available for all customers. 

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About TaskRay

TaskRay is a collaborative work management solution native to Salesforce that enables teams to deliver consistent, collaborative, and high-quality experiences such as onboarding, implementations, and installations. Mid-size to large enterprises are able to scale operations, improve visibility and collaboration, reduce manual work, and drive customer satisfaction. Visit to learn how you can create better post-sale customer experiences.

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