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The National Virtual Climate Laboratory is Your Guide to Climate Science

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Thunderstorms in the American Midwest. Tiny particles in the cloud cover of the Amazon rainforest. Heat waves in Baltimore. What do these very different places have in common? They’re all areas where the Department of Energy Office of Science Biological and Environmental Research (BER) program is supporting climate research. You can also find information about all of them on the National Virtual Climate Laboratory (NVCL).

The NVCL is a comprehensive portal for climate science projects supported by the Department of Energy Office of Science. Written in plain language, it assists researchers, students, faculty, and local stakeholders. It provides access to relevant, useful information. Rather than searching through websites to find the project you are looking for, it’s all in one searchable place. 

The NVCL’s opportunities section gathers scientific opportunities in climate science. For undergraduate and graduate students, it highlights our internships and Graduate Student Research Program. For faculty and researchers, it links to our funding opportunities, fellowships, and training. It provides information on how to apply, how to find previous participants, and how to contact program managers. A calendar lists upcoming deadlines so that you don’t miss out. Having all of these opportunities in one place helps make them more equitable, inclusive, and accessible. 

The NVCL’s research section organizes projects by research topic, from climate-energy modeling to regional ecosystems. There is a brief summary of each project, with information on the lead institution and primary investigator. The site is meant to foster collaborations, especially between the DOE’s national laboratories, universities, and relevant stakeholders. The research includes programs led by nine DOE national laboratories.

The user facilities section lays out the capabilities of our three user facilities related to climate science: the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) user facility, the Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory (EMSL), and the Joint Genome Institute (JGI). Each contributes unique, complementary resources to the world of climate science. 

A news section, events calendar, and glossary of relevant terms further expand the site’s scope. 

Whatever you may need to know about climate science research – you’ll find it at the NVCL!

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