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Zach King Inspires Biola University’s 2024 Graduates With Commencement Speech

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Digital illusionist returned to his alma mater, Biola University, to share his 'Three-Step Guide to World Domination'

Zach's Biola's Commencement Speech

Zach King Speaking at Biola's Commencement

Biola University celebrated the accomplishments of its 2024 graduating class with a keynote address from renowned digital illusionist and internet creator Zach King. Famous for his magical videos, which according to King Studio have garnered over 150 million followers, Zach returned to his alma mater to impart his wisdom and experiences to the new graduates.

In his speech titled "Three-Step Guide to World Domination," Zach distilled his journey to success into three essential steps. First, Zach advised students to “prepare for rejection.” Zach illustrated this point by recounting the story about how he was initially rejected from the film program at Biola, which was devastating to him at the time, ultimately enabling him to discover a little-known website called YouTube. Zach’s second piece of advice to students was to “gamble on yourself.” Again, drawing from his personal/professional experience, Zach describes how he gambled on himself and chose to pursue a rather unstable career in social media over a traditional regular-paying job.

The third and final piece of advice was to “repeat steps one and two continuously.” In sum, Zach’s message emphasized the inevitability of setbacks and the importance of resilience, where rejection is not the end but simply a redirection, encouraging graduates to see each challenge as an opportunity for growth.

Zach’s message extended beyond the pursuit of personal success. He urged the graduates to embrace a higher calling of kindness in their endeavors. In this, he challenged his audience to maintain a balanced perspective of ambition and compassion when he stated, "I’m so excited that you’re leaving here, pursuing your dreams … just be sure to look out for others along the way." 

Zach King’s full Biola Commencement speech can be viewed here

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Original Source: Zach King Inspires Biola University's 2024 Graduates With Commencement Speech
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