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Neon purchases Raoul Peck’s “Orwell” for North America

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Source: Photo: Matthew Avignone

Raoul Peck

Neon has acquired North American rights to Orwell, director Raoul Peck’s documentary, currently in production, about author George Orwell.

Examining the British writer’s life, work and legacy and being made with the exclusive cooperation of the Orwell estate, the film is being produced by Alex Gibney for Jigsaw Productions, Peck for Velvet Films and Nick Shumaker for Anonymous Content. Jigsaw will be produced by Richard Perello and Stacey Offman.

ZhangXin, Joey Marra, and William Horberg from Closer Media will be the executive producers. Courtney Sexton, Courtney Sexton, and Dawn Olmstead, of Anonymous, Jeff Skoll, and Courtney Sexton, of Participant, and Johnny Fewings, of Universal Pictures Content Group, will also serve as producers.

Peck is best known for his Bafta-winning, Oscar-nominated documentary I am Not Your Negro. He commented that “Who controls the future controls the present …,'” in 1984’s novel 1984. Today, the ‘newspeak’ of authoritarian rule is alive and well and in unexpected places, from the rise of AI Chatbot to the Russian propaganda machine, from the marketing webs of commercial metaverses to the political banning of books in the Southern United States.”

Neon’s recent releases include current documentary feature Oscar nominees All the Beauty and the Bloodshed and Fire of Love.

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