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Yellow Veil adds Zach Clark’s upcoming film ‘The Becomers” to its Cannes slate

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Yellow Veil adds Zach Clark’s upcoming film ‘The Becomers” to its Cannes slate

Source: Yellow Veil Pictures

‘The Becomers’

Yellow Veil Pictures has acquired worldwide rights to Zach Clark’s The Becomers and will launch the genre-bending comedy at this week’s Cannes market.

Clark wrote, directed and edited the film, which tells the story of a body-snatching alien who comes to Earth, reconnects with their partner and tries to find their way in modern America.

Molly plunk, Mike Lopez Frank V Ross Isabel Alamin Keith Kelly and Sparks lead singer Russell Mael star in the film.

Clark stated: “During pandemic I binge-watched the original Star trek series and then I made the movie. It felt as if life as we knew was ending. But then again, that might not have been the worst thing. The Becomers is a story about love, longing, and alienation. A kitsch-soaked, pathos-laden melodrama about our sad, sad planet. It’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever made and I can’t think of anyone better than Yellow Veil to get it out into the universe.”Yellow Veil co-founder Joe Yanick added: “I’ve long admired Zach’s films and it’s especially fun to see him dive even further into the genre space with The Becomers

, which is something his films have always circled. The Becomers is funny, weird, and gross at times, but I like it best because it’s relatable. I think the best genre movies come from that place.”

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