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Source: Zack Esau

April Mullen

Los Angeles and Toronto-based Wango Films has reported a strong early interest in its upcoming dystopian drama The Monsters In Our Shadows to be directed by April Mullen, whose recent credits include Wander starring Aaron Eckhart and Tommy Lee Jones.

Wango are on the Croisette talking to buyers and potential sales agents on the completed screenplay from Edward J. Cembal and Tim Doiron based on Cembal’s upcoming novel.

The story takes place a century after humanity has reached the point of extinction at the hands of an alien species known as Shivers that devour their human hosts.

Civilisation’s only hope lies with the ailing Anthem, who must enter the dreaded Deadlands beyond the walls of the last city of Atlas in search of a remedy that can save humanity.

Production is scheduled to begin in late 2023. Wango’s James van der Woerd and Doiron are producing and worked with Mullen on Simulant starring Sam Worthington and Simu Liu and Wander, respectively.

“Always committed to elevating stories from distinctive voices, Wango Films has been in search of a project like The Monsters In Our Shadows for a long time,” said Doiron. Its unique and enthralling universe poignantly This film, with its worldwide audience appeal, is a significant addition to our slate and we are eager to present it to the market.”

“This grotesque and haunting new world is one I am honoured to bring to life with its powerfully accurate look into humanity and self-acceptance,” added Mullen.

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