“Rust” will resume production in spring with Bianca Cline, a new cinematographer

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Source: James Gourley/Variety/Shutterstock

Halyna Hutchins

The producers of Rust have said that production on the tragedy-hit project will resume this spring under original director Joel Souza and with Bianca Cline as cinematographer.

Cline, best known for her work on Marcel the Shell with Shoes On, joins the project in place of original cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, who was shot and killed on the New Mexico set of the film in October 2021. Cline will donate her salary in memory of Hutchins.

Original RustRust

Star Alec Baldwin and Hannah Gutierrez–Reed were last month accused of involuntary murder in connection to the shooting. Both attorneys for the accused have stated that their clients will fight these charges.

The original director of the film, Joel Souza was also wounded in the incident. Grant Hill, an industry veteran, has been added to the project as a producer. Matthew Hutchins, Hutchins’ widower will serve as executive producer.

It was reported that Baldwin will be returning to the cast. However, the producers have not commented on this report and their announcement did not mention casting.

Souza released the following statement: “Though bittersweet,” Souza stated that she was grateful for a new, dedicated production team, which includes former cast and crew, who are determined to complete what Halyna, my mother, started. My entire effort on this film will be dedicated to Halyna’s legacy, and making her proud.

Producers stated that the film will not allow the use or possession of ammunition or weapons. Producers stated that Rachel Mason, a documentarian, will create a documentary about Halyna Hutchins’ final work and life which will also include the completion of the film.


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